Global Talent Search is a privately owned business with an exceptional knowledge of the market and its dynamics. This ensures our autonomy and enables us to be flexible in meeting our clients and their needs.

We strive for long-term relationships where both parties invest in a fruitful co-operation.

To provide the highest service levels to our clients, we only work with a few select companies at a time. This allows us to become thoroughly familiar with your company, people, product, work environment and expectations.

We focus on superior quality and strong relationships - not volume. Customer satisfaction is central, our goal is to contribute substantially to the success of our clients. Our clients - ranging from local companies and organisations to large multinational companies - have shown us continuous trust through recurring assignments.

We believe our company is an extension of yours. A candidate's first impression of your company often comes from us. Because we genuinely care that we match talented candidates with appropriate employers, we take the necessary time to get to know your specific needs.

We only present a candidate to you after we have carefully screened them and determined that there is a good fit.